– Of projects and ideas to change the way education in network swarming.

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What is the confrontation of theory with everyday school practice? What is the role of the humanities in the digital world? Professor Zawodniak is the creator of the concept and the concept of a new generation of school. He speaks not only about the importance of teachers in transforming today’s schools, but also for the functioning of the students and the learning environment characterized specifics of its new model. School teaching institution should be transformed into an institution that organizes the environment and the process of education. So much theory and practice? What is the school, everyone sees. The question of the direction of its transformation is therefore justified. Especially now that she is still focused on the present education. I regret this, because it’s time for the new school defines its objectives and tasks. If you want to continue an institution, it should take over the management function of the educational potential of young people. Although I’m more of a school does not perceive as an institution, but an environment that defines the objectives and principles of cooperation with the student. It refers to the concept of Mr. Jerome Bruner, who in the “Culture of education,” he wrote that in the nature of human behavior is the need of forming an educational community, build “communities of mutual learning.” But the school is still going on in traditional trenches. This is a result of ignorance or the mentality of decision makers? The essence of class communities, for whom he wrote Bruner, is the interaction, observe yourself, communicate their experiences. And here we do not need to invent any new theories. Just refer to the most primitive reflexes archaic societies, which operate with very simple rules. Education was based on the fact that people looked at each other, follow each other, repeat after me. However, I have the impression that we all do not understand a bit of what the major challenges facing today education. Therefore, there is no attempt to define the new role of school or move away from the traditional ways of teaching. On the left and right still, we hear that the teacher only has time for implementation of the program. That’s true, but there is also a devilish circle, which nobody wants and can not stop. Still so we’re spinning in circles. Umberto Eco is right saying that schools need to reinvent. Therefore, Professor, I ask where is the lock? Umberto Eco is right, Albert Einstein was right, and many other distinguished thinkers who pointed to new goals and directions of education. We need a new type of school, a new generation. The school, which prepares for the challenges of life and to the twenty-first century, so completely different from the traditional school, the nineteenth century. Build and implementation of a modern model, however, requires even revolutionary action, which need a different mentality of the political elite and their large of courage. “School of new generation” called the Lord prepared his proposal. You have the awareness that this offer could cover the dust? So perhaps, but not necessarily, and I even believe that it will not. Just take advantage of the opportunities that opens up the Internet. You can create your own Web page, describe your project, lead the blog, enter into relationships that facilitate the exchange of experiences and thoughts. I’ll tell more when I look at the activity of those involved in modern education, I’m built and quiet. Of projects and ideas to change the way education in network swarming. The problem is that management education are not blind and deaf. Is it due to some unprecedented involvement in education policy? I do not know. Partners to create a new education are beyond the educational community? All can be partners and co-authors of the new school concept. Of course we have many excellent professionals and experts in the field of education, but do not bet on them today. Today is a time for enthusiasts who know how to taste the word education. Lord knows many such people? Not many, but they are, and I meet them. I’m trying them in their environment wyłuskiwać and gather around a particular idea. I think such people are also in the school environment, are among the teachers, but their passions effectively suppresses bureaucracy. It was she who kills the natural conditions of their development. Professor, who is today a humanist? Humanists ages are engaged in the same, or thinking. Zygmunt Bauman argues that the elite humanities, and therefore, intellectuals, always engaged in the formulation of new ideas and concepts. But they never had the possibility of practical implementation of both. Twenty-first century, however, puts the other requirements. Demands confronting theory with practice. Therefore, today there is a need – as it is called Bauman nicely – negotiate. Intellectuals should sit down with the proverbial people at the same table and negotiate their ideas on saving endangered values ​​in a globalized world; to deal with the challenges that he puts before us. The computer world is not threatening the humanities? There is no such danger, because there is no threat to thinking. The era of digitization is obviously a problem. There were in fact new areas, which we call the humanities 2.0. A new generation of humanities, which – thanks to the existence of modern technology – engaged in processing resources humanities. That there is information that in 2011, came out last paper edition of the cult of the “Encyclopedia Britannica”. If publishers take such a decision, it does not mean to undermine the foundations of the humanities. It is simply a sign of the times. Mark, in a sense beneficial because the update will not require knowledge of years and the next issue, and only a few simple technical treatments. The same sign of the times is that young people while cycling listens to some audiobooks. We think that it deprives them of the experience, which gives read the book in the comfort room. We collect it because we Surfacing its cover, the smell of ink, and with one click they enter the digital library resources. Most important, however, it is that the world of books was available to them in any form. They were able to admire the vastness of knowledge and derive incomparable pleasure. Because of knowing today are enormous. Americans are asking themselves: Who are the digital natives? Beings who robbed the Internet a part of the cerebral cortex is the most educated generation in the history of mankind? Which part of this question is closer to the Lord? I am convinced that the young generation is not intellectually poorer. It is different because it is a different culture and technological civilization of the world in which they grow up. It is true that young people often accuse linguistic awkwardness in expressing thoughts and assessments, and sometimes even the lack of humanistic sensitivity. We forget, however, that these deficiencies are the result of poorly planned process of education. The result of the degeneration of the methods used so far. If the school freed from bureaucracy, from control and flattening process of thinking adopted the key and test the efficiency of the language of our children would be much better. If they say as they say and think like they think it is because we ourselves inflicted the same fate. Humanities studies are still immensely popular. How to explain the fact that young people so the slightest them? This is a very interesting phenomenon and a challenge for scientists. It is worth, for the purposes of education, conduct studies that would determine what part of the human population is predisposed to the humanities, and how much to mathematics and natural sciences. Does the fact that young people often and willingly moves in the area of ​​humanities is the result of education, culture, or perhaps physiology? If the problem of recognition of types of mentality of the students opened also managing education, the education process could rely more heavily on what is the most important. The management of intellectual potential student. And how is it managed? Sorry, we can not undertake this task. Szermujemy slogans like: a society built on knowledge, but wrongly understand it. In our field of vision does not appear the problem of shaping the competencies and skills. Education still comes down to the provision of information. I will say more, students are the biggest problem with the so-called critical thinking, because in school it was suppressed. Even they say that the interpretation imposed coercion songs and memorize words – the key was a traumatic experience. And the effects of this are already visible. When I ask them why they chose this course of study, they answer: I had five of the Polish language. These people know how to play dates, times and replace the track list the author, but do not know how to appeal to his own sensibility. But young people receive the right to share reflections, to express their own experiences in the form of ratings and reviews is an attack on their emotions and minds. This action is striking. Action that changes their needs? For example, the need for contact with another human being? Existing descriptions of sociological today show that the young generation is very atomized, closed on building a relationship with another man. It does not like to like other people. Therefore, the challenge of education twenty-first century should be to rebuild these ties. It’s actually already epochal challenge is, unfortunately, very difficult to implement. What are the tasks it puts the teacher? The role of the teacher is to identify student potential and management by fostering imagination and consciousness. However, if we understand education as a continuous development of our mind and the subsequent development of skills, this means that the teacher huge open field for action. Please note that today no one even attempts to define and describe the place it occupies in the system of vocational education elites. It is carefully avoided by all. And preparing outstanding individuals in their respective fields gives a chance to the care of the cultural and intellectual heritage. Not caring for outstanding students, we do not care about national heritage and tradition. It is inexcusable omission. *** The interview was published in Education and Dialogue styczniowo-February issue in 2012. 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Send (); }); / ** / Teens can experience one day of intense and completely opposite feelings: depression and euphoria, a sense of belonging to a peer group and a sense of exclusion from her enthusiasm and discouragement, fear and bravado, self-confidence and self-doubt in their own abilities. They feel a strong stress because they lack the skills needed to cope with overwhelming emotions and to establish satisfactory relationships. On the publishing market was published by the Gdańsk Psychological Publishing a book Louise Hayes and Joseph Ciarrochi Fri. “A difficult time of puberty. How to help teenagers cope with emotions, achieve goals and build ties, using acceptance and commitment therapy and positive psychology. ” It contains practical strategies to develop social and emotional competence, may therefore prove to be a valuable aid for teachers, school psychologists and psychotherapists.